Thursday, July 30, 2009


At the just-concluded SDCC, CMX announced (via MangaBlog) that they had licensed Usamaru Furuya's disaster manga 51 Ways to Protect Her, which I once discussed briefly (under the title 51 Ways to Protect Your Girlfriend). The protagonists of the first volume are Jin and Okano, a young man and woman respectively who are caught up in a magnitude 8 earthquake that strikes Tokyo, although they themselves are uninjured. (There's more on Jin and Okano in my earlier post,which was written when I had only read the manga's first chapter.) Most of the volume deals with Jin's efforts to protect Okano (not yet his girlfriend) and to help other victims. Furuya also progressively reveals more and more of the destruction caused by the earthquake, a process that presumably continues beyond the first volume.

In a comment to the ANN post linked to above, dormcat wrote that 51 Ways is more "accessible" than The Music of Marie. I never thought of Music as inaccessible, but there's no doubt that 51 Ways is more in line with the current U.S. market for shounen manga. And while, judging by this volume, 51 Ways isn't one of Furuya's major works, it's perfectly fine for what it is. The art is particularly striking. Don't get too excited yet, though: the first volume won't be released until September 2010.

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