Monday, June 05, 2017


A few days ago I saw Makoto Shinkai’s latest film, Your Name [Kimi no Na wa], on the big screen. I was so affected by it that I decided to see it again two days later. I’ve seen all of Shinkai’s full-length movies as well as Voices of a Distant Star, the short anime which put him on the map, but Your Name is his best so far. You may see it described as a body-swap anime, but it’s much more than that, and it manages to be both heartbreaking and heartwarming. An important motif of the film is the braided cords which are a specialty of the small town in which one of its main characters lives; the movie itself is like these cords in its craftsmanship and its intricate construction (which can be appreciated better on a second viewing).

If you happen to live in the Champaign, IL area, the film is playing at the Art Theater through Thursday, June 8. If you’re at all interested in anime and somehow haven’t seen it yet, do so.

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