Wednesday, December 31, 2003


I used to buy a lot more music than I do now, and one of the things I bought a lot of was compilations of obscure 1960s punk and psychedelic rock from the 1960s: some of the my favorites were Boulders vol. 1, Chocolate Soup for Diabetics vol. 2, and Monsters of the Midwest vol. 1. I basically stopped buying these compilations because I realized that most of the ones I bought didn't do anything for me, and there was no telling in advance whether I would enjoy a compilation or not: even if it was in the same series as one of my favorites, chances were that I wouldn't like it very much (for example, I own Chocolate Soup for Diabetics vols. 1 and 3, but neither is anywhere near as good as vol. 2).

The other day, however, I was at Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, a store which has a wide selection of such compilations, and where I had once been a regular shopper. I was feeling expansive, so I decided to take a chance and gamble twenty-five bucks on Incredible Sound Show Stories vol. 1: The Technicolour Milkshake, which claimed to proffer "1960's Acetates/Private pressings/Obscurities." And I'm glad I did; it's an excellent compilation. There are twenty-two tracks by fifteen groups: standouts are "Action Painting" by the Ricketts, "I'm so Glad" (the Skip James song) by the Maze (two members of which would later be in Deep Purple--but this track sounds nothing like "Smoke on the Water"), and "Red and Green Talking Machine" by an unknown group, but all the tracks, except for the five "bonus tracks" on the CD, are solid.

The CD was released in 2001 on Dig the Fuzz Records. The booklet lists a website (www.digthefuzzrecords.com) and an email address (digthefuzzrecords@yahoo.com), but the website seems to be down, and I don't know about the email address. The snail-mail address, if you want to try, is Dig the Fuzz Records, P.O. Box 79, Nottingham, NG5 9BT, U.K.

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