Thursday, January 29, 2004


Last night I pulled the Television bootleg Last Live in Portland Oregon 1978 out of my CD collection, and last night and this morning listened to it. Most of it wasn't particularly inspiring, but there was an amazing 12-minute "Little Johnny Jewel" and a great "Friction." Forced Exposure magazine, iirc, touted the 17-minute "Marquee Moon" on this disk, but I wasn't too impressed by it, at least this time around: too much like noodling.

I don't know on what date this was recorded, but the track listing (in case someone has released it under another title) is:

1. The Dream's Dream
2. Elevation
3. Glory
4. Foxhole
5. Little Johnny Jewel
6. Friction
7. Marquee Moon
8. Lori (Poor Circulation)
9. Satisfaction
10. Fire Engine
11. A Mi A Mo Re
12. Adventure

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