Friday, March 19, 2004


For those who haven't yet heard the news, Raijin magazine will be going on hiatus, along with its associated line of GNs, Gutsoon. This Newsarama thread has details and discussion (via The Hurting; if permalinks don't work, it's under Tuesday, March 16, 2004). I think that Althalus and Alex Scott, on that thread, have the best takes on the subject, and that Raijin's fall was a matter of poor marketing decisions, rather than a sign of a broader manga collapse.

Personally, Raijin's fall makes very little difference to me: the only one of its series which interested me at all was "Guardian Angel Getten," and while the first GN of that series was kind of sweet, I'd decided against buying the second volume. Still, Raijin did add a bit of diversity to an American manga scene which is still lacking in this quality; and to the extent that its fall makes other publishers more reluctant to publish series intended for adults, or oddball-type series such as "Bow Wow Wata," it's unfortunate.

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