Friday, April 09, 2004


Today I finished watching ADV's release of Abenobashi Magical Shopping District; I'd seen the series in fansub form at my local anime club, but this was my first viewing of the official release. I liked the series the first time I saw it, but this time I liked it better: episodes which hadn't seemed particularly funny the first time around now were funny. I think the secret is that the protagonists, Sasshi and Arumi, are real people, not just vehicles for jokes, as in many anime comedies. And I don't mean that a couple of tearjerking scenes were thrown in to "humanize" them: they're human throughout.

I watched the series with the "vid-notes" on. While they're not as plentiful as in Excel Saga (where I sometimes found myself having to pause the picture to read all the notes), they're very handy. I especially appreciated being informed when the characters, especially Sasshi, switched from the Osaka dialect they normally used to standard Japanese.

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