Monday, April 12, 2004


1) Writing about the Initial D manga a while ago, I passed along a report I'd heard, or thought I remembered hearing, that Tokyopop had altered the manga's plot in its translation. Apparently I was mistaken: according to this thread, as far as I can gather, Tokyopop did not alter the plot of the manga, though they did cover up a female character's breasts in a couple of panels (which I'd still prefer they not do, but I don't mind nearly as much). So I owe Tokyopop an apology, which I'm happy to provide.

2) I wrote that I owned two CDs by Philip Gayle. I was going through my CD collection, and it turns out that I own three. (Actually I had a vague recollection of having bought three, but wasn't sure.) The third, Keguribap, is quite similar to pnbna, with Gayle simultaneously playing two or more insturments, usually guitars.

3) A bit more on the anime Abenobashi Magical Shopping District. In this series, the protagonists are thrust into a different "parallel world" each episode, each of which parodies an anime, game, or movie genre, and each of which contains an analogue of the titular shopping district, where the protagonists live in reality. Episode 11 is a parody of war movies, and the "shopping district" is nothing but bombed-out rubble. The first time I saw this, I didn't think anything of it. This time, though, it occurred to me that to show one's neighborhood as a bombed-out ruin, even in a "parallel world" and as a parody, must have an entirely different resonance in Japan, where most of the cities were indeed reduced to rubble during World War II, than it would in an American show.

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