Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Philip Gayle is an acoustic guitar player and free improviser who lives in Houston. The closest musical analogue I can think of is Derek Bailey, though they aren't really that similar stylistically. A couple of years ago, I was in Austin, TX, and bought a couple of his CDs, though I'd never heard of him, something I do occasionally, especially when I'm travelling. When I got home, I played them once each, put them aside, and forgot about them. (I do that a lot.) A few days ago I chanced across them again and gave them another shot. This time, for some reason, they grabbed me. One of the CDs is called solo live '98. The other is called pnbna: it's also solo, but on each of the tracks Gayle plays two or more instruments simultaneously. I like the first CD better, but they're both good. On Gayle's website, you can order these CDs as well as others by him.

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