Friday, April 02, 2004


I've plugged Tim O'Neil's blog The Hurting before, but these past two days there were two particularly good pieces. First of all, from yesterday, a lengthy and hilarious dissection of Secret Wars II, the notorious Marvel crossover "event" of the 1980s, and its many crossovers. For those too young to remember, let me assure you: even though this post appeared on April 1st, Secret Wars II really existed, hard as that may be to believe.

Then today, Tim has more, typically pithy, words on the superhero genre (near the bottom of today's postings). He has much more experience with superhero comics than I do, and is a lot harsher on the genre than I was in my post yesterday.

(I had intended to plug these two posts before I saw the nice things Tim said about me today, I swear!)


Also via The Hurting, a column on Bloomberg.com, a financial website, describing how the most recent storyline in Golgo 13, the popular and long-running manga about a professional assassin, deals with the Bank of Japan selling yen and buying dollars. Remember this the next time someone wonders whether manga in Japan are really as diverse as they're reputed to be.

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