Monday, August 30, 2004


A while ago, I reviewed on this blog The Soddit, a parody of The Hobbit by Adam Roberts (which I just reread, and still think is funny). The page opposite the title page listed several other books written by Roberts, but none of the libraries I had access to had any of them, and I was left in the dark as to what kind of writer Roberts was. It turns out that Roberts is a British science fiction writer and critic. He has a website (I should have googled), though oddly it never mentions The Soddit by name. There are excerpts of his other works posted, though; these are well-written, and make me want to read more. Swiftly, a short-story collection which will be his science fiction debut in the U.S., is forthcoming from Night Shade Books; and there is an unfavorable review of his most recent novel, The Snow, by Christopher Priest in the Guardian.

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