Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Herding Cats by John McCabe is a British comic novel; it's largely, though not exclusively, about the tribulations of the owner of an unsuccessful advertising agency in a small town. It is funny, though not "one of the funniest novels you're ever likely to read," as one of the back-cover blurbs asserts (though it turns out that this is actually a quote from a review of one of McCabe's earlier novels; a bit of false advertising here, ironically). When it gets serious, it becomes pretty heavy-handed; but this is a minor part of the book, and genuinely funny comic novels aren't so common that one can afford to be picky (as we've seen). The ISBN is 0-552-77090-6, and it's published in the U.K. by Black Swan; it doesn't appear to have been published in the U.S.

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