Thursday, December 16, 2004


Scorch Trio is a Scandinavian instrumental trio that, like Alan Licht or Ascension, inhabits the boundary zone between rock and free improv. In Scorch Trio's case, the rhythm section is clearly jazz-based, but Raoul Bjorkenheim's (there should be an umlaut over the o in Bjorkenheim) electric guitar captures the energy of rock guitar at its best, though melodically it's more akin to free improv. On the CD I have, Luggumt, the standout tracks are the first, with blazing guitar, and the fifth, with Bjorkenheim's Cale-like electric viola. But it's all good. Both this CD and their first, self-titled CD are put out by the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon, and available from Forced Exposure.

Guillermo Gregorio's Otra Musica is subtitled "tape music, fluxus & free improvisation in Buenos Aries 1963-70." The closest reference point I can think of to it is the three "Inside the Dream Syndicate" CDs of John Cale's experimental from the sixties put out by Table of the Elements. I like the Gregorio CD better, though; it's--dare I say it?--less monotonous, with some free jazz-like sax playing alongside the composed and tape-manipulated pieces. If you're at all interested in experimental music,this is worth checking out. It's put out by Atavistic, and is also available from Forced Exposure.

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