Friday, February 18, 2005


Via Fanboy Rampage, an interesting column by Heidi MacDonald asks, in light of recent events (the closure of Studio Ironcat, CPM Manga's layoffs and cancellations, and ComicsOne's temporary hiatus), if the much-predicted "manga bust" is finally upon us. Her conclusion is that it isn't, but that bookstores have become more selective in what they stock, and we may see more manga publishers contract or disappear as a result.

On the other hand, today MacDonald reports that the latest volume of Fruits Basket has cracked USA Today's top 100 books, and also ranked #15 on BookScan's adult fiction trade paperback listing, the best showing by a manga on that list ever. Icv2 (via Fanboy Rampage reports that manga continues to dominate the BookScan graphic novel listing as well. And my local Borders just moved the manga section in order to expand it.

Speaking of CPM, Irresponsible Pictures reports that it has just announced a new title, so apparently it intends to stay in business despite the recent cancellations.

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