Thursday, March 24, 2005


Christopher Butcher recently posted a bunch of reviews of some lesser-known translated manga. He likes IWGP vol. 1 more than I did (though his complaints about the ending are met in vol. 2, which I received a review copy of and should be reviewing soon), but shares my unimpressed reaction to Worst vol. 1. I also agree with him that Doubt!! vol. 1 is very good, though I saw it as more purely comedic. I haven't read most of the other manga he talks about, but his reviews are still fun to read. An incidental remark of Chris's spotlights what I think is one of the principal differences between manga and current "mainstream" American comics (though he may not have intended it as such): "There's a very, very high degree of craft present in commercial Japanese comics and so even something 'boringly' drawn ... is still strong, consistent work."

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