Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Johanna Carlson has a review up of Kare Kano through vol. 7. She liked the early volumes, but found herself losing interest when the focus shifted away from the main characters' relationship and onto the supporting cast; and I've seen other people express the same reaction. Personally, I like the "side stories," though I agree they don't have the urgency of the early volumes. But my suggestion to Johanna, and those who feel as she does, is to start reading again with vol. 13. Beginning with that volume, the focus returns to the main characters, with the emphasis on Souichiro. And the arc which goes from vol. 13 to vol. 16 is an excellent one, though more serious in tone than the series up to that point. To the best of my memory, jumping from vol. 6 to vol. 13 won't cause any problems in comprehension. It will spoil the outcomes of some of the intervening "side stories," but to be honest those outcomes are fairly predictable anyway.

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