Saturday, April 23, 2005


Yesterday I finished watching a Korean horror film set in a girls' high school, called Whispering Corridors. The English-language trailer calls it "the film that started the Asian horror explosion," but I didn't find it particularly scary. (The fact that, apart from a final twist, the entire plot is basically telegraphed within the first ten minutes doesn't help.) I would have stopped watching after about a half-hour except for a single moment early in the film. It's in a scene between two classmates: they're companions, but Ji-On, the more assertive girl, has been semi-bullying the other one and seems to be only tolerating her company. The other girl leaves the scene briefly to get something she forgot, and while she's gone, Ji-On catches sight of the film's first corpse. When the other girl returns, before she has a chance to see the corpse, Ji-On immediately grabs her and covers her eyes. With just this gesture, you realize she really cares about her friend.

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