Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Last week I was up in Chicago for several days, and I had the opportunity to watch William Klein's Mister Freedom, thanks to Odd Obsession Video, a DVD and video rental place which also carries all seven volumes of Lost and Found Video Night, as well as a lot of other fascinating-looking stuff. (Unfortunately, they don't appear to be doing rentals by mail at the present.) In the case of Mister Freedom, however, the movie as a whole didn't live up to the excerpts I'd seen. It wasn't so much that the compilation had cherry-picked the best scenes; it was more that the movie basically has one idea, and once you've absorbed that idea, it doesn't offer much else. But it is rather chilling that the title character's paranoid, self-righteous rantings have become mainstream foreign policy discourse.

Here's a well-written review of the film by Michael Sullivan, adorned with several screenshots (they don't do full justice to the garishness of the film's red-white-and-blue color scheme, though).

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