Tuesday, October 25, 2005


About a year and a half ago, I reported on a book by Bart Ehrman containing some arguments that the "Secret Gospel of Mark" allegedly discovered by Morton Smith was actually a forgery (and implying that Smith was the forger). I just discovered, via The Busybody, that there is a book forthcoming in November, entitled The Gospel Hoax and written by Stephen C. Carlson, devoted to showing that the Secret Gospel was a hoax concocted by Smith. Here, from Carlson's blog, are the table of contents and links to reviews of the book. See also Amazon's page for the book, which quotes the Publisher's Weekly review.

For those of you who remember fondly my lengthy rant on Bendis's Daredevil #56 (which still accounts for my two biggest days of traffic): I probably will never write about Bendis again, but as a substitute you might try this even lengthier critique by Rich Kreiner of Bendis's entire career, from The Comics Journal's website. (The version appearing in the print magazine is nearly 50% shorter.)

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