Sunday, May 14, 2006


I admit it: I check my stats and referrals on sitemeter regularly. Apart from the depressing fact that about half my visitors seem to be looking for sc*nl*t**ns of Fr**ts B*sk*t (asterisked to avoid making things even worse), I occasionally learn something interesting. For instance, at one point a year or two ago there was a sudden jump in the number of visitors searching for "Minami kun no koibito"; following the links back to the original searches I discovered that a new live-action TV adaptation (making two so far) had just premiered. But when I checked my referrals a few minutes ago, I found that since 5 P.M. yesterday I had gotten 55 hits from people searching for Hiruko Kashiwagi, or Hiruko Kashiwagi plus "inu" or "dog" (plus one search for simply "manga" and "dog"). This is over half the total number of visitors during that period, and more visitors than I usually get in a day. And this time, looking at the original searches didn't tell me anything. If anybody knows what's going on, please write me; I'm really curious. (Links to my reviews of the manga mentioned above are on the sidebar.)

(UPDATE, 9:41 P.M.: It appears that this article, which appeared in today's New York Times, is the answer. (Here's a link to a copy which doesn't require registration.) The relevant quote: "Another was 'Inu,' or 'Dog,' by Haruko Kashiwagi. It's considered clever, fairly high-toned and mainstream, which is surprising because, in part, it's about a woman who has sex with her dog." (In fact the dog only goes down on her.) I haven't made an exact count, but by now the hit count from this is somewhere around 125, which is actually surprisingly low, considering.)

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