Monday, July 10, 2006


I just finished reading volume 20 of Fruits Basket, the most recent volume to have been published in Japan. In general, the series keeps getting better and better (though I have reservations about the last chapter in this volume). This volume and the preceding one, in particular, fully transcend the young-adultish origins of the series and are mature and complex works. And while I'll admit that the art, viewed solely as art, is nothing special, the storytelling techniques Takaya uses are very interesting. If you're seriously interested in comics as an art form, you should be reading Fruits Basket.

There are spoiler-y discussions (and there are major spoilers in this volume) of the chapters when they were serialized here, here, and here. (I won't link to each individual post: start with August, when Chapter 114, the first chapter in the volume, appeared, and view by subject.) And I plan to post some thoughts of my own in a few days (knock wood!) in another location.

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