Sunday, January 07, 2007


When I reviewed the first three volumes of The Wallflower for The Comics Journal, I liked them, but wondered how long Hayakawa could keep up the joke. Judging by this volume, the answer seems to be "for fewer than ten volumes." Of the four stories in here, only the first one is funny. The second and fourth are pretty pointless; and I have zero interest in Ranmaru's love life, which the third story is about. Volumes 8 and 9 were pretty blah too: in fact, none of the the stories in them were as good as the first story in vol. 10. Unless a future volume looks really good, this will be the last volume I buy. (Incidentally, the cover of vol. 10 is the most boring cover I've ever seen on a manga, as far as I can recall.)

Yeah right! That's the whole point of the books. No potint. I have read 1 through 6 three times over and there still good. This is one of the best ointless books I have ever read. THat may not sound like it makes sense but to me it really does. This is one of the best series I've read in a long time! GO WALLFLOWER!
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