Sunday, January 14, 2007


This is National De-Lurking Week (via Acephalous), which provides me with a pretext to ask you a question I've been considering asking for a while: Who are you? I know the names of a few regular readers, mainly because they've linked to posts of mine, but there must be more (mustn't there?). And while sitemeter tells me the number of people who view my blog at my site, most of whom have been brought here by various searches, I have no idea how many people subscribe to feeds of my blog.

So, if you are a regular reader, or even if you're just visiting and feel like it, please let me know, either in comments to this post or by email. And of course, if you want to tell me what you think of my blog, that'd be even better.

Hi, I'm Brigid Alverson and you probably know me because I link to you on MangaBlog. I just link to your manga posts but I subscribe to your RSS feed and I enjoy everything you write! I especially like your posts on Japanese manga, both your Fruits Basket notes and your reviews of books that haven't been licensed over here yet.
Hiya Adam. Wouldn't call myself a longtime reader but I've been checking up on this blog for about a year. I believe I got this link from Christopher Butcher's blog, though it could have been from somewhere else. In any case, what I more or less come here for is your exellent pieces about unlicenced manga. Its hard to find information on lesser-known/alternative manga in english (hopefully D&Q will show interest in releasing authors beyond Tatsumi), so thanks.
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