Sunday, May 06, 2007


From the sublime -- Marie no kanaderu ongaku -- we turn to the ridiculous, namely Vampire (Banpaia) by Masaya Tokuhiro, a five-volume seinen (young man's) manga series. I own, but haven't read, the second and third volumes.

The vampire of the title is Maria, a beautiful, young-looking woman. It's not clear to me why she's called a "vampire," as she doesn't appear to drink blood or have fangs; but she does have super-strength, immortality, and quasi-invulnerability. Oh, and enormous boobs. They're nearly as big as her head, and may even be bigger than Power Girl's boobs. Unlike Power Girl, Maria doesn't wear a revealing costume, though she does wear boob socks. But she more than makes up for this by frequently wearing nothing at all (she even works as a stripper), and appearing in several explicit sex scenes. One character thinks she's a god, and has constructed a giant statue of her in the nude flanked by cherubs, her porn-star bust proudly displayed in all its glory. Remember the scene in (the original) The In-Laws where the dictator proudly displays the flag he designed?

To be fair, unlike many of the women in contemporary superhero comics, Maria's anatomy isn't impossible, if you assume she has huge implants. And it could be, of course, that the writing is brilliant, though somehow I doubt it.

If my description has left you dying to try Vampire out, it's 524 yen per volume (which is about as cheap as seinen manga get), it's published by Shuueisha, and the ISBNs are:

v. 1: 4-08-859513-0
v. 2: 4-08-859532-7
v. 3: 4-08-859562-9
v. 4: 4-08-859581-5
v. 5: 4-08-859606-4

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